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CouchDB / PouchDB
Ionic / Angular
Typescript / Javascript


Neuland Software GmBh

Full Stack Web Developer

Europe, New Zealand, South East Asia

On Tour with Motorbike and Laptop. Creativity, Experience & Independence

AvJS Personal - Driver

Punctuality and reliability at all times.

Animation - TUI Turkey

Being a sports, teens and children's entertainer for four months in three luxury hotels means stress, but also a lot of experience. Six days a week, each 18h are tough, but compared to the achievements, such as people skills, acceptable.

A level

After 12 years in the fast-track procedure, holding the ticket for life in your hand is a major milestone.

Torbay - language school

To further improve my English skills, I took part in a two-week language course in Torbay, southern England, during the 2011 summer holidays.

Chimpmedia.de - Webdesigner

After several years of experience and occasional contracts, I decided to start my own business. ChimpMedia [now we-make-your.website] was founded and has been offering professional website creation and support to over 50 satisfied customers since the beginning of 2014. Convince yourself!

AvJS Personal

As a holiday job (summer holidays 2013) I worked for the employment agency AvJS. Through my activities as a scheduler, I became aware of the importance of a good school education during this new excursion of several weeks into the working world.

New Zealand - Overseas

In six-months abroad, at the age of 15, I set off on a journey to the other end of the world. Not only did I get to know the country, the people and the culture, but I also improved my English, independence and social skills.

MAN Augsburg - Internship

In April 2012 I gained my first work experience in the craft sector.

Scarborough -Overseas

To improve my English skills, I took part in a two-week language course in Scarborough, East England, during the 2011 Whitsun holidays.

Fateful day

As bass player of a band that wanted to become known, I was forced to deal with the new media culture. I quickly recognized the magic behind the lines of code, developed autodidactic knowledge in the field of webdevelopment and continued my education.


App & Web Development

The CAIN-Stack solution I developed, allows the realisation of cross-platform applications with only one Codebase and thus saves development time and costs.

Privacy Advisor

Protect your company from bloat- and spyware. Make your systems bulletproof form the BIOS to the Router.

Graphics & Markup Design

On request I also offer Corporate Identity, Logo, Flyer and Website / Application Markup Design.

SEO Optimization

Get more traffic to your site with numerous search engine optimizations and our specially developed link building tools.


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